In Spring 2016 I participated in the MassArt Putt Putt sculptural mini golf show in the Student Life Gallery at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Putt Putt was a playable 9 hole mini golf course organized by Pippa Adam and Franko Kosic-Matulic. I collaborated with Kendra Lohr for this show and we made miniature mini golf hole #7 Neighborhood Watch. We built a house! A true example of domestic bliss! And the american dream is never complete without some golf, a white picket fence, and secret surveillance conspiracy theories. 



Here is our mini golf hole installed in the gallery. We sculpted our own golf balls and clubs to go with it. 

To play you start in the back of the house and putt out to the lawn where the hole leads to a chute we constructed.

We used a variety of different materials to build our house:

plywood, 2x4, synthetic grass, cork board samples, discarded window blinds, wide popsicle sticks, clay, upholstery samples, tile samples, one normal sized tile, mat board, thread, string, aluminum wire, hot glue, a flock of plastic pink flamingos, found styrofoam grass rabbit, epoxy putty, thin foam gauze, liquid latex, eye hooks, super glue, map pins, copy paper, water colors, pen drawing, nails, staples, wood glue, carpet samples, a plastic cup, wood stain, tempera paint, more hot glue


To the right you can see inside our conspiracy theory room.
If your ball gets stuck in there, good luck getting it out!!!

Process Photos:

I built and designed the kitchen out of mat board. From fabrication to install.