Renata Davis is a multidisciplinary artist.

Renata looks at beginnings, what it’s like to be new. How we continue to learn and grow and how we start over, again and again. Renata views how we communicate through binoculars, up close but still at a distance.

The air is heavy but in a comfortable way. The shadows cast gently. It’s familiar here. Like trying to describe the way the light looks over the phone. Or the way the room smelled when you were nine; sitting on the floor playing with magnets and the rug had just been vacuumed. Or the impossible twist in the staircase from your dream last night that caused you to look over your shoulder more than usual.

It’s often hard to choose one thing to be interested in but it seems Renata is always drawn to nontraditional narrative work, like poetry comics or experimental films. They use a combination of traditional and digital media, and lean on the handmade feel of pencil, ink, gouache, paper, etc. to achieve cohesive style.

Renata received their BFA in animation in 2016 from MassArt. While in school they focused on independent filmmaking within the animation industry and some of their films screened at festivals internationally. Currently Renata is working more in comics and illustration than animation, but the study of motion and duration are always informing their work.

Anyway, welcome to the neighborhood. Nice to meet you.

Renata drinks black coffee and collects tiny plastic toys.



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Below is a collection of self portraits from almost every year of my life. Some emulate the style of a favorite artist at the time, some are from direct observation, some are from photographs. They are in chronological order starting in 1999 when I was 5 years old. This seems to introduce me better than words sometimes.