Walking Myself Home is an experimental narrative comic I wrote during Fall 2015. In this comic I attempt to capture the fleeting specificity of memory. It is an invitation to experience my train of thought and as I walk home. With this comic I focused on drawing as an experience rather than for the purpose of replicating an image. I drew specific moments from my day or my walk home, but they are so abstracted they become obscured to any viewer that is not myself. By letting the line lead me, I’ve found I make a lot more interesting marks. I created the writing and images separately and only in the final step of editing and assembling this comic I combined both of them. In Walking Myself Home I found balance between omission and observation.

Below is one page of drawings I worked with before I edited and arranged them into the narrative. Each panel is drawn from memory of a specific moment during my day.


To figure out the layout and flow of the comic I made a mockup by cutting up and moving around copies of all of my drawings and writing. Above is the beginning stage where everything is still separated, and below is when I finished placing all 26 pages of the content I wanted. Some editing had to be done and not all of the writing and drawing I started with as final content made it to the actual book. 

This comic is truly meant to be read in print format but below is a teaser sample of how the comic reads!